What is SSD Currency Cleaning Liquid Solution

What is Currency Cleaning

What is Currency Cleaning?

Currency cleaningis the process by which black moneyis transformed into legal money. Black money is defined as an unrestricted hard currency that is stored overseasin any foreign bank and is not registered with the income tax department to avoid paying taxes on a specific amount of money. A few reasons that push people to opt for the use of black money includehigh tax rate, government price regulation & real estate transactions. This process is accomplished by using special chemicals solutions which are designed to hide the signs that the money was obtained illegally. Most black money cleaning chemicals are quite strong and can remove traces of silver, even if it has been handled and stored for a long time.

What is SSD Currency Cleaning Liquid Solution?

SSD currency cleaning solution is used for cleaning black money (Euro, USD, GBP and many other currencies)acquired through lottery award winning,security companies,loans,investment funds,charity organizations, designed to remove excess coated substance. It works better when combined with activation powder. Activation powder is a special aqueous inorganic salt which when added to SSD solution, enhances the cleaning function of the solution.The SSD currency cleaning solution is powerful, rapid and is capable of cleaning notes currency with breeze capacity.

How Does Black Money Cleaning Work?                                                                          

Currency cleaning is a fairly simple process, which can be accomplished with the help of special chemicals and specialized equipment. These chemicals are usually applied using a spray bottle or spray. Once the chemical is applied, it is then left to work for about an hour, after which it is rinsed off with water.Please read the necessary information given on the product label regarding the use of these chemicals as it can be very harmful and should be handled with extreme care.

Benefits: The following are the key benefits of Black money cleaning:

Easy cleaning: The Currency Cleaning Liquid Solution process is very simple and easy and can be done with specially designed SSD chemicals solution.

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